Ann Charlott was born in 1974. She has scandinavian roots coming from the very north of Norway and the danish island Fyn. After living and studying in Copenhagen and travelling parts of the world, Ann Charlott moved to the small danish island Bornholm in 2008 with her family. This is now her home and base for the making of visual art and the work with sustainable projects.

Intuition, experimentation and making by doing is essential when Ann Charlott creates visual art. Ann Charlott finds her inspiration in daily live, combining colors and patterns into a composition formed on canvas or other textile material. The stories in her art starts in the meeting with the viewer.

Ann Charlott also focus on sustainable living in rural areas when working with designprojects, working together with local, national and international partners and designing and experimenting with new, and old ways to sustainable living in rural areas.

Design Projects

2016: Co founder of øKASSEN, more info on http://www.okassen.com

2015:Networkcoordinator for LØF, more info on http://www.lysegronfestival.dk

2013: Artproject in Lidenstina Naturekindergarden, more info on http://www.lidenstina.dk

2010-2012: Co founder of Gaia-projektet

2010:Building up workshop at Groenbechsgaard, more info on http://www.groenbechsgaard.dk

2009-: Founder of Skogoeyart

Feb.- Aug. 2009 : Art project at Bornholm with Artborn (cooperative of artists living and working at Bornholm)

Jan.-Feb. 2009 : Project assistant at Kildebakken Special school. Planning and carrying out creative weeks with handicapped children.

2004-2005 : Creator of creative workshop and frames for kindergarten children in Copenhagen.


May 2015: Erasmus+ Trainercourse: Game Exchange, Cirkus Leuven, http://www.circusgames.net

Nov. 2014: Erasmus+ Trainercourse: “Join the Circus”, Budapest. Workshop about social circus in ghettoareas in Budapest.

August 2013: Masterclass Xskool at Future Perfect Festival in Sweden on the island Grinda. 3 day masterclass about sustainability in rural areas

2011 – 2012: Student at the Gaia Education, EDE permaculture, ecological dimension, economical dimension, social dimension, spiritual dimension

August 2010: Participating the Future Perfect Festival in Sweden. Workshops about sustainability and design

2008 : Center for Regional Tourism Research, Nexø – Student at the masterpart Innovation within Network, Marketing and Branding

2006 -2007 : Student at The University of Copenhagen, Art and Culture science, focus on esthetics, method and analysis of picture and space.

2004 : Masters from The Royal Danish Academy of Architecture and Design, Institute for Product. Bachelor in textile design.

Mastersproject: “I am carrying my home” – Survival jacket for homeless people. The project was nominated for the humanitarian approach at Index Award 2004.


2016: Exhibition together with 15 other artists during culture week 2016 on Bornholm, visualizing the theme Brud Stilling

2011: Exhibition in Ahlbergs Hallen in Østersund, Sweden

2010: Exhibition in Nexø in coorporation with Bimaris

2010: Exhibition at Galleri Rasch together with Lone Schiødt and Karin Lund

2009:Exhibition at Kulturspinderiet in Silkeborg in coorperation with Bimaris

2009:Exhibition at Gallery Arnagergaard in coorperation with Artborn, Bornholm

2009: Exhibition at Gallery Filébos’ idealer, Bornholm

2004 : Exhibition at The Danish Design center in Copenhagen.

2001 : Exhibition at The National Museum in Copenhagen in cooperation with The Danish Design School and the museum.


Sept. 2005 : British Columbia, visiting textile workshops

Oct. 2003 : San Francisco, California, research for KADK mastersproject

Jan.- Feb.2003 : India, Rajasthan, visiting textile workshops

Aug.- Oct. 2002 : Holland, Hogschool for der Kunsten, Arnhem

Jan. 2000- July 2000 : West Australia, Perth, project ass. Fremantle Art Centre, ass. Photographic centre Perth

Nov. 1995- Feb. 1996 : Travelling England and Scotland